Welcome to the Philippines. You’re a fixer tasked by the NBI to investigate the indigenous areas and search for clues to deal with ancient threats that lurk the land. Tame the beasts, free the people, and restore natural balance to the world.

You find yourself heading into a land, filled with cultural richness…


The Philippines prides itself in its mythological history. But, something is wrong, creatures from the folklores are real. You must travel the indigenous areas, searching for clues, and tame beasts unimaginable. Fight the monsters and restore natural balance to the world.


The haze awaits…


There exists two halves of creation.
…and Regret.

Mankind was born into the forests of Bathala. But before the humans, there was a single flower. The one that sprouted its purple lips, delicately letting its arms rest upon the soil.


“My beautiful flower,” Bathala held Bulaklak, “you are the guardian of this Earth.” Bathala grew trees, sowed rivers, and gave Bulaklak the Sun. The flower faced towards the warmth of the bright, yellow orb.

“Thank you, Father.” Bulaklak embraced Bathala. “I will always be loyal to you.” Bathala looked down onto its delicate petals.

“Prove your loyalty to me.” Bathala revealed a wooden box. “This contains the secrets to my power. If opened, it will curse you for eternity. And I will send those who open it down below the Earth’s soil.” The flower nodded. Bathala left Bulaklak to tend to the forests.

Curiosity lingered in Bulaklak’s thoughts. Bathala’s hands were sore, his body aching from the constant work he must do.

What if I help my Father? Bulaklak saw Bathala, tirelessly working to sow the plants, keep the sky from falling, and fueling the sun. Bulaklak glanced at the wooden box. My Father would forgive me, would he not? Bulaklak reached for the box, the lid slowly opened to reveal darkness.

The sky shattered, the Sun went black, the trees lit into flames. Bathala approached Bulaklak. The flower cried, “I’m sorry, Father! I only wanted to help you!”

“You are now cursed. You cannot be seen by any of my creations. I must send you down below the soil.”

“Please, Father! Have mercy on your only child! Allow me to help you. I beg, Father!” Bathala could only see his beautiful flower. He frowned. Bathala acted quickly before his creations succumbed.

“I will send you down below. You will now hold the sky, fuel the Sun, and tend to the trees. I will not forget you. I shall visit you when the Moon hugs the Sun.” The flower nodded.

Soon, Bathala’s forests were filled with colors. Animals that leapt with joy, with guardians that kept them safe. The rivers clear, sparkling like gems. The sky had clouds that basked in the Sun’s presence. Bathala was happy with his creations. Except, for one.

Bathala visited Bulaklak.

He was horrified.

The flower, disfigured. Its arms longs, petals dried up, the beautiful purple was no more. It smiled with sharp, crooked teeth, joyful to see its father. Bathala abandoned his creation. Bulaklak weeped. As sadness turned to anger, Bulaklak tried to trick certain creatures to feed them the knowledge that came from the wooden box. Not many would fall for Bulaklak’s intentions, but those who would, use the power to destroy the Earth.

Bathala, in fear of Bulaklak, had decided to use the guardians of his forests to protect his creations. He noticed another of his creations, mankind, took special liking to the guardians. One man, however, was unlike the others. He was corruptible. Bulaklak took a liking to this man, and gave him power. Bathala, angered, sent the man away from the forests. The man instead created those like him. They built structures unknown to Bathala. Restless and scared of what may happen next, Bathala stood up and visited Bulaklak once more.

Bulaklak did not want to see Bathala. But Bathala pleaded. Bulaklak agreed for Bathala to step closer. Bathala embraced Bulaklak, only for him to cut the flower’s roots. It cried, whimpering and screaming. The flower could not touch mankind any more. Bathala left the flower. It wilted away in its underground tomb. And so, Bathala separated the humans touched by Bulaklak from the rest of mankind and the guardians. It kept the forests alive and his creations perfect.

He watched from above. The birth of a new world came stronger than he had intended, one filled with change and free will…

…one filled with regrets.